ABOUTEvery Person Deserves to Live Their Best Life

We believe everyone has the right to live their best life & deserves access to the resources that help them get there.

We intentionally help you navigate your learners journey through collaboration, authenticity and vulnerability.

We provide a pathway to clarity, bringing forward the courage and confidence to find your voice along with the strength and knowledge to advocate for your learner to thrive.

Journey2Bloom Provides Clarity

At Journey2bloom we know you want to be successful in navigating your learner's unique journey. In order to be that way, you need clarity around information, support and tools to guide you forward. The problem is there is so much information that it's hard to know what is right for your specific situation, leaving you overwhelmed, frustrated, and stuck. This endless amount of information creates complexity and confusion instead of simplicity and clarity on what to do, whom to talk to, and how to do it.

No one should have to endure days, months, or years of trial and error figuring out where to go for accurate information, guidance, and direction while your learner continues to struggle and fall further behind their peers.

Our intention is to provide parents and educators with simpler ways to access resources, tools and consulting services that help them. That’s why we leverage personalized programs, advising and training to simplify the neurodiverse learning journey.

I hope to inspire resilience in your quest to find your inner voice and lead you toward inspired action in your life and those of your children. My mission is to lay the groundwork for a path of collaboration, open communication and vulnerability that allows everyone to speak their truth, concerns and valuable insights, creating cohesive partnerships and a roadmap that truly benefits YOU.

Lisa Richer

Founder of Journey2Bloom

Cognassist Neurodiversity Master Class Certificate

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate

COPAA SEAT 2.0 Graduate

TRLA Board Member

Neuro-diverse Learners Advisory Committee Chair @ The Mandala School

Expectations Matter – My Life, My Choice, My Plan Trainer


"Helping simplify the journey for people like me IS my life's purpose!"


Founder of Journey2Bloom

Find Clarity for Your Journey

We welcome the opportunity to support you and invite you to schedule a chat with us so you can stop feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, stuck and defeated and start feeling confident and empowered knowing you have the tools and resources necessary to help your learner thrive!

About Lisa

Lisa Richer is a neurodiversity consultant who supports the journey for parents and educators of neurodiverse learners with simplified and personalized programs, advising and training.

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