SERVICESPersonalized Support for Educators

Offering a safe space to learn how to best support your learners unique needs.

Providing real life scenarios for practice in identifying triggers and creating opportunity for growth.

Sessions that lead to a better understanding of how to support an individual learner or group of learners.

Simplified and Personalized Support for Educators

Focusing on topics important to you, we provide opportunities to dive deeper into unique situations to enhance your understanding of neurodiverse learners needs and how to best support them in the classroom.


  • Ideal for Educators seeking basic training and education on how to identify, support and guide neurodiverse learners.


  • Ideal for Educators seeking clarity and education through simulated role-playing specific situation/ support and guide neurodiverse learners.


  • Ideal for Educators seeking personalized support on implementing tools to support and guide neurodiverse learners.

GUIDED SUPPORTYour Ally Wherever You Are

Personalized Support Plan
Collaborative Communication
Holistic Approach to the Help you Need

"Lisa was on board with everything. She is a mother that every special needs child deserves to have. As a new year began, she researched, sought help, insisted on services and never gave up. Joseph was fortunate to have an incredible shadow in his next class, whom he became very close to. Lisa insisted on constant meetings between herself, the shadow, the director of the preschool and his teacher. I know what she put into these meetings, the questions and the information she gave because, as the Asst. Director, I was included in a number of these. Joseph worked hard and Lisa worked harder. He has grown to be a wonderful person, afforded all the services in life he needed. Without Lisa this never would have happened. I will always love Joseph. He and his family will always have a special place in my heart."

Teacher, Friend and Mentor

Ready To Talk?

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About Lisa

Lisa Richer is a neurodiversity consultant who supports the journey for parents and educators of neurodiverse learners with simplified and personalized programs, advising and training.

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