The Clarity package is for anyone trying to simplify their neurodiverse learner’s journey. You could be well on your way into your journey or just beginning, either way, let’s work together to get the best solutions in place.

WHY THIS HELPSSimplify Your Journey

Track and document your learner’s progress in one place for easy access to:
· All your questions, resources, contact, professional information

Simplify the process and save time locating:
· Names
· Numbers
· Emails
· Intervention specialist appointments
· Educator meetings
· Support organization discussions

WHAT YOU RECEIVEResource Specific Roadmap

Customized document outlining resources specific to your needs in an online accessible, editable, shareable format broken into sections:

General information:
· Frequently asked questions
· Acronyms and definitions

Tailored information:
· Learner
· School
· Specialists
· Appointments
· Organizations

HOW IT WORKSCollaborate to Achieve Your Goals

You tell me:
· What you know
· What you do not know
· What you need to know

I share with you:
· How I will gather the information
· Length of time to put it all together
· Estimated delivery by date
· Share additional information as requested

From there I do the research, create the journey blueprint and deliver to you to keep, update and share.

INVESTMENTStrategy for Every Stage in Your Journey

Tell me what you need and together we will move you forward!


Just getting started on your journey and unsure what steps to take.


Information gathering has begun and need help finding information.


General information in place and need support figuring out what is missing.


Research complete but can’t find anything when they need it.

Ready To Talk?

Schedule a No-fee exploratory session with me. We’ll discuss your why and how I can help you!
About Lisa

Lisa Richer is a neurodiversity consultant who supports the journey for parents and educators of neurodiverse learners with simplified and personalized programs, advising and training.

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